​Vittles for Vets held a motorcycle fund raising event

Vittles for Vets held a motorcycle fund raising event on Saturday, October 8, 2022, raising funds for the underprivileged children of our impoverished veterans enrolled in the Vittles program.  Although the day was sunny it was a bit chilly.  Alas the cold weather did not deter these wonderful bikers from coming out in support of our veteran’s children raising $1250.00 to insure them an unforgettable Christmas.

A large debt of gratitude is due Alex Barker for putting this great event together.  A great job from a man who has done much for our veterans over the past few years.  We must also thank “Mission BBQ in Christiansburg for donating the delicious meal for the cause. A BIG thank you to Pastor Donald Jones who has been so very gracious in allowing our event to take place on church grounds three years running.  A wonderful show of support for our cause and the community. The Wytheville Moose Riders, who could not attend the event, stopped by just to donate to our veterans.  Another reason why we LOVE bikers.

Behind the scene Alex received much help from Caroline and Rick Burke, “Last Days Warriors” MC which was invaluable in making this event as successful as it was.

In closing, to all who attended, supported and continue to pray for the success of this small charity, THANK YOU.  Without your help we would certainly cease to exist.

Be well and God bless.

Bill McCann

President/founder Vittles for Vets