Testimonials from Our Veterans

Vittles for Vets provides weekly grocery cards to qualified veterans struggling with poverty in SW Virginia. The cards are used to buy healthy and life sustaining food, with restrictions on junk food, alcohol, and tobacco products. 

The letters below showcase just some of the direct impact that Vittles is making in the lives of the veterans we proudly serve. 

Please Donate Today

Due to the economic impact of COVID 19, we have seen our enrollments double to over 100 veterans in SW Virginia who are struggling with food insecurity. Meanwhile, in person fundraising has been severely hampered by restrictions on public gatherings during the pandemic.

As a result, we have recently had to reduce the amount of our food cards by half, leaving many of our veterans struggling to have enough food. 

Your donation, no matter how small, can make a difference. Over 95% of the funds we raise go directly to the purchase of food cards for our veterans.