Belmont II Ruritan Club Dinner

On September 21, Director of Operations January Gerow joined the members of the Belmont II Ruritan Club for dinner and the opportunity to speak about benefits the Vittles for Vets program provides, and the plight of the at-risk Veterans in our community. Unfortunately, the plight of our Veterans is only getting worse as inflation on groceries, gas and utilities increases. January spoke about recent calls from Veterans behind on their electric bills, facing the inability to pay for prescription drugs, doing without one necessity to afford another, and transportation issues. The members of the Belmont II Ruritan Club fundraise throughout the year to offer support to local organizations. President Dean Gray presented January with a donation that will help feed a Veteran for half a year. We thank the members of Belmont II Ruritan for their continued support of Vittles for Vets, and to Juliann Poff for the invitation to present to the group.